Ending Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)

Ending Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)

Mojatu Foundation works with FGM survivors and communities affected by FGM in safeguarding girls and women at risk of FGM and supporting the survivors. We engage these individuals, communities and other partners and stakeholders in raising awareness and tackling FGM in the UK and Africa. In doing this, we adopt the following strategies and models.

FGM survivors support and intervention

We provide support to FGM survivors through training, confidence building, 1-1 counselling, support in accessing health, social and legal services and in signposting them to access support which is beyond our capacity. We support them to become the drivers in ending FGM by empowering them through confidence building, networking, and in sharing their stories and experiences. We provide safe space, skills, networks, confidence building and systems and structures necessary for these individuals and community with lived experiences of the impacts of FGM to join hands and act towards tackling FGM.

What is female genital mutilation, why does it happen, where does it happen, what are the global and the UK statistics?

Community based and led approach

Our community-based and community-led approach entails training, supporting, and empowering the communities, especially those affected by FGM and where FM is practiced – to become the leaders in ending FGM. We provide training to community and religious leaders, youth, and men to and enable them to gain confidence, understanding, networks and resources necessary to advocate change and lead the campaign towards ending FGM in their communities.

Professionals and statutory bodies

We training and support, including community-based research and understanding, to professionals working with the affected communities. We provide specialised courses and resources to professionals and officials in schools, universities, local authorities, health, social and legal professionals in understanding how to work with and support communities in culturally appropriate and acceptable ways.

Advocacy and policy change

In 2016, we led Nottingham to become the first city of Zero-tolerance in UK. Our ending FGM campaigns and advocacy programmes are focused on changing policies and laws on FGM in UK and Africa. We work with professionals, policymakers, and a wide range of strategic partners in developing a better understanding, trust, and collaborative working and in developing effective networks to end FGM. We believe this is the most effective way of supporting girls and women.

Nottingham becomes a city of Zero Tolerance to FGM

On 12th September 2016, Mojatu Foundation led Nottingham to becoming the first City in the UK to declare a zero-tolerance stance on Female Genital Mutilation (FGM).  FGM Survivors and Nottingham FGM Community Steering Group spearheaded this declaration by working with local councillors and other partners. 

Nottingham in Parliament pushes for ending FGM

As part of Nottingham in Parliament day organisations and people from across the country came together to hear how Nottingham is leading the way on work to end FGM to give people the knowledge and a greater understanding of FGM and to encourage more people across the UK and the world to take a stand against the practice.

UK Office

Mojatu Foundation transforms communities through training, media, community engagement and health initiatives, especially tackling female genital mutilation.