We work with communities in enhancing their engagement and participation in what is happening around them and within their communities in a variety of ways as follows.

Community media, information dissemination & research

Our media work engages communities at the grassroots, providing digital storytelling training to give people the skills and confidence they need to tell their own stories. We support the communities to share and access information to address issues affecting them. 

We enable them to mitigate and counter risks of existing prejudice and articulate their needs which are often missed or overlooked. Our diverse community media empowers and represent the people we work with through positive and inspirational stories about their communities and showcasing their achievements and potential.


We provide a variety of media platforms, training programmes and resources to enable our communities to:

  • Access information in a manner and ways best suited to them
  • Share and dissemination their information within trusted networks
  • Amplifying authentic community voices tell their stories to a wider audience
Read the latest Mojatu magazine Issue M038

Community events and activities

Our events bring people together and connect diverse communities. We run community events to celebrate diversity, particularly encouraging different cultures to come together. During these events, we share knowledge and information, and encourage community cohesion. Through our events we discuss key community issues such as FGM, knife crime and youth violence. We use these events to bring communities together and advocate for change. We challenge stereotypes of different communities through awareness raining activities and large-scale information sharing.

Learn more about what is happening in our communities and what they are doing from Mojatu news website

Community resourcing, cohesion and integration

We help smaller groups and individuals to access resources and support so as to tackle discrimination and help our communities to access opportunities, skills, and tools to participate fully in the wider community. 

In addition to skills and training programmes, we support communities to work together and maximise the benefits of their limited resources need thereby increasing social cohesion and their integrate into life in the UK.