Training, employability, and professional courses

We offer training, skills development and employability programmes targeted and tailored for different communities in the UK and Africa. We have four training programmes which respond to the needs of our communities, including the professionals and service providers who support them and need to work with them better. 

Our courses are FREE, for those meeting specified conditions. We provide digital support, loan equipment (laptop/computer/smart phone) and internet credit, course translators, work placements and pay for travel and childcare if required. We offer both accredited and non-accredited courses. 

Community & Capacity Building Training

These courses are tailored for girls and women affected by FGM and other forms of gender violence and their communities who often experience racial inequalities. They give them skills, access to opportunities and enables them to gain confidence and understanding on how to improve their lives.

Skills, language, and employment programmes

These are for those who want new skills and get into employment. These courses also offer learners work placement and support with IT and travel costs. They are accredited by Open Awards.

* Childcare
* Health & Social Care
* Hospitality & Retail
* Teacher Training

Family and community development training

These courses help the migrant communities to settle better in the UK.

* Driving theory (UK): With translators and refund for those who pass the test as per DVLA requirements
* English conversation: Language course for beginners and advanced
* Mental Health First Aid: Accredited by Public health England 
* Mental Health Awareness: Accredited by Public health England 
* Strengthening Families, Strengthening Communities: Parenting course that promotes good parenting and better outcomes for children and is accredited by Race equality Foundation 

Community Engagement & Awareness programmes

These training programmes help professionals and community members, including men, youth, religious and community leaders to understand and address FGM and other violence against girls and women. These courses help participants to gain insight on how to safeguard and protect girls and women against violence and enables professionals and service providers to work better with the migrant and affected communities.

Female Genital Mutilation courses and training

* Understanding FGM
* FGM for Professionals
* FGM for Faith Leaders
* FGM for Youths & Men 
* FGM Train the trainer

Bespoke FGM Training & Workshop Sessions

We offer bespoke training programmes and sessions for professionals, universities, schools, leaders, or any other groups working with girls and women affected by FGM.

Community Leaders and Media Training

In supporting our communities to capture an amplify their voices and also engage better, within and outside their communities, we work with partners in offering community leadership and media programmes.

Community Leaders and Media Training

* Community Conversation Leaders
* Community Journalists
* Digital Storytelling
* Organising Virtual Conversations (Using Zoom, Google hangouts etc)

UK Office

  •  Charities commission – Unit 7, The Howitt Wing Building, Lenton Boulevard ,NG7 2BY
  • Tel: +44 (0) 115 8457 009

Mojatu Foundation transforms communities through training, media, community engagement and health initiatives, especially tackling female genital mutilation.