Mojatu Foundation

Who are we?

Mojatu Foundation was registered as a charity, Charitable Incorporated Organisation – CIO, with The Charity Commission in the England and Wales charity on 8th June 2016, registration number 1167557.

Our Mission

To work directly with the communities we are supporting in providing accessible and relevant services, products and solutions that meet their needs.

Our Vision

To transform communities by empowering them to source, access, and use information.

Our aims and objectives

We transform communities through media, gender equality, health and training. We develop the capacity and skills of socially and economically disadvantaged and ‘hard-to-reach’ groups, in particular but not exclusively women, girls and young people of African and Caribbean communities, in such a way that they are better able to identify, help and meet their needs and to participate more fully in society. 

This is accomplished through:
1. Helping to eliminate discrimination on the grounds of race, gender, disability, sexual orientation or religion.
2. Advancing education and enhancing skills through training, mentoring and other processes.
3. Raising awareness in equality and diversity.
4. Promoting activities to foster understanding between people from diverse backgrounds.
5. Conducting Research on Equality and Diversity issues and publishing the results to the public.
6. Helping to raise awareness about the human rights of individuals especially among women, children and people living with disabilities.

Our core values

In supporting our communities, including the sourcing and disseminating information, we uphold the following principles which underpin what we stand for and how we work:

Integrity: We follow robust processes to check the credibility of our sources and ensure that our stories and news updates are factual and also treat all the people we work with, with dignity and respect.

Justice: At Mojatu, we seek equity and fairness for all. Our information channels will offer a voice for the voiceless and seek to influence society to create a more just social landscape.

Service: Mojatu exists to serve, to be an enabler for social cohesion and improvement of lives. To that end, we will devote our resources to meeting the needs of the people we work with.

Transparency: For an organisation dealing in information, we have found it imperative that we open our processes to stand up to scrutiny.

Our success story

“We are proud to have been instrumental in Nottingham declaring itself a zero-tolerance city to FGM in 2016 and in our work of providing the model for other cities and regions in the UK and Internationally to take a stance in a similar way."

Valentine Nkoyo, CEO Mojatu Foundation Tweet

Our CEO, Valentine Nkoyo, Meeting the The Queen Elizabeth ll 

Queen Elizabeth ll greets (L-R) Anna Dyson, Valentine Nkoyo, Emma Holton, Rachael Cox and Nighat Khan during a reception to celebrate the work of UK faith and belief groups in bringing local communities together at Buckingham Palace on June 25, 2019 in London, England.

Our success has been wholly due to the trust and confidence communities and individuals have in us as working with and for them, especially when acting a bridge between them and the professionals and statutory bodies. 

Secondly our multi-lingual and multi-cultural working is build around service provision which considers the cultural needs of the service users. This has enabled us to succeed in supporting multiple groups including FGM survivors, people with mental health issues, refugees and asylum seekers, and community organisations, 

Thirdly, our work is centred around improving lives of girl and woman through education, training, health, safety and opportunity thereby having a positive ripple effect in the society. An educated, informed and active mother is often a productive citizen and economically empowered, making her the most influential force in her community to break the cycle of poverty.

Winner of the 2016 Ambassador for peace for the Global Women’s Peace Network from Women’s Federation for World Peace

Our accomplishments have led to the receive other recognitions and awards, received by our CEO Valentine Nkoyo on behalf of Mojatu Foundation including:


* Recognition by NHS Mental Health Support for supporting people with mental health needs
* Sheriff of Nottingham Award, in recognition of community service in keeping Nottingham safe and healthy
* Nottinghamshire’s Police & Crime Commissioner’s Office Award
* The Mashujaa Award
* The Face of Kenya UK

UK Office

  • 167 Alfreton Road, Nottingham, NG7 3JR, UK
  • Tel: +44 (0) 115 8457 009
  • E:

Mojatu Foundation transforms communities through training, media, community engagement and health initiatives, especially tackling female genital mutilation.