Health and wellbeing initiatives

We undertake health initiatives to support migrant African and BAME communities to lead healthy lives and address health issues affecting while taking into consideration the cultural sensitivities to protect and support vulnerable individuals and groups. Our health and wellbeing initiatives empower individuals and communities to act, change behaviours, and influence policymakers. We accomplish this through the development of strategic, evidence-based programmes, partnerships, and networks.

Raising awareness for behaviour change

Using participatory research and a variety of engagement models, we support BAME communities to identify and address health concerns. This involves organising and implementing health initiative and programmes.

In developing the programmes, we listen to community insights and voices, using community leaders and translators in developing strategic, evidence-based programmes and partnerships.

We believe in working with communities as drivers to effect lifetime behaviour change through their active engagement through training and enabling them to make informed choices. In addition to ending FGM, we other health initiatives include working with NHS in diabetes, blood, and organ donation and in health and wellbeing.

One-to-one support

We support individuals, especially girls and women from migrant African communities and those affected by female genital mutilation to cope with depression, anxiety, stress, and other mental health difficulties. This involves having the individual speak to a specialised FGM and mental health worker who provide the necessary support or signposting them to a specialised service providers.

Training programmes

We develop community health champions by training and supporting individuals to lead change in their communities. These champions support their communities to understand and respond to health and wellbeing issues. The training programmes include mental health first aid and community champions training, among others.

Mental Health Support 

African communities’ mental health hub and support

In 2018, Mojatu Foundation became the BAME representative in the Time to Change hub programme which was launched to improve how people think about mental health. We work with individuals and communities to bring mental health campaigners together to tackle stigma. We act as the hub through which these champions and organisations work together on local issues that cause problems for people with mental illness. 

We help address mental health stigma in our communities and within workplace by facilitating conversations, raising awareness, and supporting development of strong champion base to tackle discrimination and stigma. Time to Change support, expertise, and resources has helped us to establish Nottingham’s African hub for mental health and wellbeing. We champion mental health needs for BAME communities.

Returning to work and employment programmes

Since 2012, we have been working with the Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust and local communities in supporting individuals with mental health problems to regain their confidence and get back into productive and active life within their communities. 

We provide a safe, supportive, and nurturing environment where individuals work, and interact with others and are gradually eased back to work.

Working with Futures Positive, Nottinghamshire’s Healthcare mental health employability support, we produced a series of videos for the way they have been supporting mental health patients to recover through work. Watch these videos here.  

UK Office

  •  Charities commission – Unit 7, The Howitt Wing Building, Lenton Boulevard ,NG7 2BY
  • Tel: +44 (0) 115 8457 009

Mojatu Foundation transforms communities through training, media, community engagement and health initiatives, especially tackling female genital mutilation.